Provenance had it's Premiere at Rich Mix London as part of the East End Film Festival on Saturday June 17th 2017. It was a really hot day but we had a fantastic turn out of around 120 people who all seemed to really enjoy the film and took part in a lively Q&A afterwards with Ben Hecking, Amanda Atkins, Charlotte Vega and Harry Macqueen.

Since the screening we've been delighted to receive some excellent notices via the film's Twitter Account and currently have a 9.4/10 rating on IMDb along with some lovely 'User Reviews'.

We're delighted that the film has connected with so many people and hope that the positive comments will carry on as the film continues to play at festivals over the coming months. Below you'll find some extracts from the feedback we've received so far.


"Well worth watching for all adult cinema goers."

"Amazing acting, great camera work and passionate love/lust ... this indie film is a must see!"

"It, no doubt, will generate future debate on life, middle life crisis, existentialism as well as the fragile equilibrium of our lives if they become disjointed."

"Complemented by great camera work the story line could have gone anywhere but followed a really beautiful but heart wrenching emotional ending."

"A story of love, sadness, trauma and unsuspected tragedy. Highly recommended."

"... the type of 'pure cinema' that Hitchcock spoke about... Charlotte Vega is a born screen actor."

"The acting is phenomenal ... a serious attempt at studying human fragility in the face of suffering as well as thoughtful exploration of relationships bound by tragedy. Unforgettable movie well worth watching and definitely worth watching more than once."

"... a superb debut...This movie will leave an impression that lasts long after the end credits have rolled."

"Amazing story filmed in the most aesthetic way ever with astonishing acting. GO SEE IT PEOPLE" @Celine_Stella

"Such a beautiful film with mature yet fresh approach AND honest performances" @pia_rickman

"Just been to the premiere of @ProvenanceFIlm directed by the fantastic #BenHecking starring the brilliant @CharrVega" @Karen_Bryson

"A great feature debut." Filmuforia

"@ProvenanceFilm is beautiful, heartbreaking British indie cinema. Hugest admiration for the incredible @bh_film @CharrVega @hazmacca" @ssgeorgiou

"@bh_film Beautiful" @Laurie_Rose